The Sword of Islam – The Three Houses of Islam

270 million dead and counting!

270 million dead and counting!

The Sword of Islam
“Enmity and hatred will reign between us until ye believe in Allah alone.”
– The Qur’an (60:4)

The Qur’an commands Muslims to go and rule the entire world and submit all mankind to the religion of Islam.

Islam means “submission.”
After submitting, a person is said to attain peace of mind and soul.

However, Islam will only give peace to those who submit, and to “unbelievers” such as Christians or Jews, Islam brings war, persecution and death.

Islam spread by the sword. Those not converting were either murdered, or enslaved.

During the first century of Islam, the Islamic army invaded Egypt and killed over four million people.

Some sects of Islam were particularly bloodthirsty, such as the Kharijite group of sects. These violent groups, emerging in the 7th century, rejected the Caliphate of Ali. They were often hostile to other Muslims. One of these groups, the Azraqis, who appeared in Persia in 685 A.D., required a test of sincerity for each new recruit. The neophyte was required to cut the throat of a captive enemy. They also practiced the massacre of unbelievers’ children.

The Followers of Hasaan
Another group, calling themselves the al-da’wa al-jadīda, which means “the new doctrine,” began as a mystic secret society in the 8th century. From their stronghold in Alamut, they transformed the act of murder into a fine art.

They were called the Hashshashin by their enemies. They are the source of the term “Assassin.” Many of their recruits were drugged with hashish or opium and kidnapped. They were awakened in a garden full of attractive and compliant women and fountains of wine. They were then reawakened at a later time and told that their leader, Hassan-i-Sabah, could open the gates of paradise.

The Three Houses
“If any do turn his back to them on such a day-unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own) – he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is Hell – an evil refuge (indeed)!”
– The Qur’an (8:16)

Islam divides the world into three parts: dar-al-Islam, dar-al-Sulh and dar-al-Harb. The House of Islam, the House of Truce and the House of War.

In the dar-al-Islam (House of Islam), everyone lives under the Islamic Law, the Sharia. The Sharia controls all aspects of life, including social, domestic, private political and religious life.

In the dar-al-Sulh (House of Truce), a temporary truce is made with the unbelievers. This is where the dhimmis live. The Sharia cannot be implemented completely in this area.

In the dar-al-Harb (House of War), there is a war of conquest being waged against the unbelievers. Assassination and terrorism are common weapons in the war.

The House of Islam referred to all the lands under Muslim control and government.

The House of War referred to all those lands outside Muslim control, the lands of the infidels.

One of the goals of Islam, particularly certain aggressive groups, is to expand the Dar-al-Islam to cover the entire world. It was this ambition that partly accounted for the rapid expansion of the Muslim Empire in the century after Muhammad’s death.


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