A religious muslim
A religious muslim

Are the comments on this blog racist remarks?
Some have said that those who criticize Islam are racists.
This is flatly untrue.
There is a difference between criticizing a person’s religion, and teaching that they are inferior.
Muslims are not inferior human beings, they are simply slaves to an oppressive system of beliefs.

The greatest problem with Islam is that they teach HATRED of the kafirs (non-Muslims).

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

If one were to look at the facts, it will be seen that Muslims are themselves guilty of racism.
Islam teaches Muslims that they are superior to Kafirs (non-Muslims).

These practices have no place in religion:
– Murder.
– Rape.
– Oppression of women.
– Racism.
– Beheadings.
– Slavery.
– Bigotry.
– Pedophilia.
– Bowing down to a meteorite five times a day.
– Hatred.

Which religion is worse?  The Aztec religion or Islam?
Which religion is worse? The Aztec religion or Islam?

If you were to criticise the Aztecs for cutting out the hearts of their victims and then throwing the bodies down the steps of their temples, this is not racism.

By the same token, Muslims practice beheadings, slavery, genital mutilation, bigotry, murder, and assault.

To criticize the historical atrocities commited by Muslims is not to be a racist.

History can be argued about, but the information quoted here on Islam is mostly from Islamic sources.  Feel free to argue with the facts, but do not try to label those that speak the truth as a racist or an Islamophobe.

The greatest victims of Islam are Muslims themselves.

Muslims are the victims of Islam.
Why does Islam teach hatred and death?


One Response to Islamophobia?

  1. Mohammed halabi says:

    This is a very good comparison between the cult of the Aztec and Islam. In addition of killings in bother legions, they both worship the Sun, Moon, and venues. Aztecs call the moon god Metztli, Muslims call him Allah. Aztecs call the sun god Tonatiuh, Muslims call him Akbar, …etc

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